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It’s time for Action to save Our only Earth

05 June 2022

Time to save Planet Earth 

Protecting the environment and leaving a thriving planet to future generations is in our hands – literally. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day - ‘’ Only One Earth’’ - is a stark reminder of how much is at stake if the right actions are not taken to address the climate challenges confronting humanity and our planet. Our actions over the years have not been too kind on the planet we so much love and today we risk dealing with a crisis that threatens our very existence.

A healthy and protected environment is crucial to the attainment of all the Sustainable Development Goals because the planet is the source of the food we eat, our comfort, and many materials and resources that are necessary for science, medicine, and technology.

This year’s World Environment Day comes with the planet facing a triple crisis of climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste. As those crises have become more acute, taking urgent actions to save the planet is at the heart of our work in The Gambia. The capital city of Banjul could be submerged if the sea level rises to one meter, this clearly means we are running out of time and like a ticking bomb the time to act is now.

The windstorms and the floods of the last rainy season are one of many signs of how bad things could get if the right actions are not taken to save our planet and the lives and properties that could be lost. There is a need to swiftly move to action in implementing climate friendly policies and practices to save the lives and properties of Gambians. Together, we must take critical and urgent actions that can effect the real change we all seek.

Governments across the world including The Gambia need to urgently prioritize climate action and environmental protection through policy decisions that promote sustainable progress across all sectors. The UN has been working closely with the government to ensure climate change adaptation is integrated across all development issues and highlighted in national and sectoral development priorities, policies and financing. The Gambia's commitment to protecting its ecosystems is a commitment not only to its people and those of neighboring countries, but to the natural heritage of the world.

We can all contribute to the change we need by taking climate friendly practices at all times.

The United Nations in The Gambia remains steadfast in its support to local, regional, and national efforts to save our planet for generations to come. Therefore, I call on one and all to join the global movement and make a personal commitment to save our ‘’Only One Earth’’.  Remember - the Earth is not a single-use planet, and your actions can make a difference.


Ms. Seraphine Wakana

Ms. Seraphine Wakana

Resident Coordinator for the Republic of The Gambia
Ms. Seraphine Wakana leads the UN Country Team to deliver on the UN Development Assistance Framework in The Gambia. She was appointed as UN Resident Coordinator for the Republic of The Gambia in October 2018. Prior to this appointment, Seraphine was UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Guinea (2014-2018). She was assigned as Senior Economist, Regional Office of the African Development Bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2010-2014) and she acted as the Bank's Resident Representative (2011-2012). From 2006-2010, Seraphine worked as an International Consultant with UNDP, the African Development Bank and the World Bank. She served at the same time as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Korea in Burundi. Seraphine holds a Master's degree in Development Economics from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Administration from the University of Burundi, Bujumbura. She speaks French and English.

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